Tree Removal Videos

Here are several tree removal videos showing the tree removal process in action. These videos provide great insight into the time and effort it takes for the removal process. Proper rigging techniques are essential when taking down trees close to a house or garage; especially if it’s a large tree removal. Tree Hugger uses only the most top-rated equipment on each job, we take safety and property damage very seriously. Have a question about tree removal or the process? We would love to hear from you! Simply fill out the form <contact Tree Hugger> with your question and we will answer you as quickly as possible

You will notice in these tree removal videos that every climber uses different techniques and equipment after years of developing their style and what works best for them. Typically a large porta-wrap is needed to offset the weight of the large pieces of trunk being rigged to the ground; they make the job easier and safer for the climber and groundsmen.

Pruning is a good idea when limbs start to grow towards the garage or house. Rigging limbs down and away from the property is key. A block or ring sling is used to rig down the large limbs. Pruning the tree will have its benefit by giving light to your yard or roof and will help to keep the tree healthy. Pruning will also make it look more appealing by keeping the trees shape.