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Tree Removal

A tree removal is a process of cutting down a tree and removing it from its location. It’s often necessary when a tree is damaged, diseased, or poses a safety hazard to people or property. While it’s generally advisable to preserve trees whenever possible, there are times when tree removal is the only viable option.

One of the main reasons for tree removal is safety. Trees that are damaged, diseased, or structurally unsound can pose a significant risk to people and property. For instance, a tree with weak roots or a leaning trunk can easily fall during strong winds or heavy rainfall. Falling trees can cause severe damage to nearby structures or injuring people. In such cases, it’s necessary to remove the tree to prevent any potential hazards.


We have the ability to bring down large limbs. Rigging is often needed when limbs are too close to the house. In this tree removal video we rig a tree growing through the deck

A Tree removal Can Help Create More Space

Another reason for tree removal is to create space for new construction or landscaping projects. Trees that are located in areas where new buildings, roads, or other infrastructure need to be constructed may need to be removed to clear the space. Similarly, trees that are interfering with power lines or underground utilities may need to be removed to avoid disrupting essential services.

Finally, tree removal is sometimes necessary for environmental reasons. Invasive species of trees or plants can be detrimental to the local ecosystem, and removing them can help restore the natural balance. Additionally, trees that are old or dying may need to be removed to make way for younger trees that can better support the local wildlife.

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If your making a decision on a tree removal you have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does my tree have a lean? Is there potential damage to my property if the leaner falls that way?
  • Is my tree in the located wrong place?
  • Could my tree dead or compromised?
  • Is the shade from the tree causing mold to grow on the shingles of my roof?

A tree removal is not always wanted by a homeowner, but sometimes is needed. We can help recommend a course of action for any unhealthy trees or any that are located in an awkward position or any that are perceived as a threat. Our goal is to give an accurate assessment and open as many options as possible for our customers.

Tree Trimming

trimming a tree in Cincinnati

Tree trimming is a critical process that involves removing overgrown, dead, or diseased branches from trees to maintain their health and structural integrity. Regular tree trimming can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a landscape and prevent potential safety hazards, such as falling branches.

There are several reasons why tree trimming is important. First, it can improve the overall health of a tree by removing dead or diseased branches. These branches can spread infections or weaken the tree’s structure. Trimming can also help control the size and shape of a tree, preventing it from growing too large and potentially causing damage to nearby structures or power lines.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Additionally, tree trimming can improve the appearance of a landscape, making it more attractive and inviting. Regular trimming can help maintain the natural shape of trees and promote healthy growth patterns. It can also increase sunlight and airflow to the tree’s canopy, promoting the growth of new leaves and branches.

Tree trimming involves various methods and techniques that vary depending on factors such as tree species, growth habits, and environmental conditions. Professional arborists have the knowledge and experience to determine the best approach for each tree, ensuring that it is trimmed in a way that promotes health and longevity.

One common method of tree trimming is crown reduction. This technique involves selectively removing branches from the tree’s canopy to reduce its overall size and shape. Crown reduction is often used on trees that have outgrown their space or are growing too close to buildings or power lines.

Another technique is crown thinning, which involves selectively removing branches to increase the amount of sunlight and airflow to the tree’s canopy. This can promote healthy growth and reduce the risk of disease or insect infestation. Crown thinning is often used on trees that are overgrown or have dense canopies.

Tree Topping

Tree topping is a controversial technique that involves removing the top portion of a tree’s canopy. While this method can be effective at reducing the size of a tree, it can also cause serious damage and is generally not recommended. Topping can weaken the tree’s structure and promote the growth of weak, spindly branches that are prone to breaking.

When it comes to tree trimming, it’s important to hire a qualified arborist who has the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to safely and effectively trim trees. Arborists are trained to identify potential hazards and make informed decisions about which branches to remove and how to trim the tree in a way that promotes health and safety.

Finding the right Tree Professional is a Process

Before hiring an arborist, it’s important to do your research and ensure that they are licensed(if required), insured, and have a good reputation in the community. You should also ask for references and check online reviews to ensure that you’re hiring a reputable professional.

Once you’ve hired an arborist, they will begin by assessing the tree and determining the best approach for trimming. They will then use specialized equipment, such as chainsaws and pruning shears, to carefully remove branches and shape the tree. In some cases, they may use ropes and pulleys to lower large branches safely to the ground.

After the trimming is complete, the arborist will clean up the site, removing all debris and leaving your property looking clean and tidy. They may also provide advice on how to care for your trees going forward, such as how often to trim them and how to spot signs of disease or insect infestation.

Tree Removal

Although we want to keep trees healthy and vibrant, sometimes a tree removal is necessary; especially when a threat to personal injury or property.

Tree Trimming

Many tree trimming jobs require an experienced climber to perform the cuts and bringing down the lead branches safely. Our climber loves to climb and hug trees!

Stump Grinding

Depending on placement of the stump typically it’s beneficial to have the stump ground, especially for cosmetic and lawn cutting purposes. We can help remove any stump.

Emergency Services

Sometimes trees will cause emergencies because of nasty weather, loss of integrity from decay, lightning strike, etc… Tree trimming and removal services might be needed on a Sunday morning. If an emergency comes up give us a call we’re here to help and will respond as quickly as possible

Tree Removal Services

Tree trimming and removal services for residential customers. We are ready to help our customers keep their properties clean and tidy to maintain their appearance in their community, also having a manicured landscape can be very therapeutic and can help keep happier and healthier

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