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Stump Grinding and Removal Process

Our stump grinding process starts with the grinding machine. The machine uses giant teeth to grind the stump into small pieces. We use special carbide cutting teeth are used to basically shave the stump and root system down. The grinding process will leave a huge pile of wood chips and shavings.


We will give individual prices for stump grinding and removal. For an upcharge we can haul the shavings off-site. The price will be lower if the shavings are to be left on-site.

First thing we do is contact Ohio811 by visiting: This will get us a locate request to check for any underground pipes or wires. It’s imperative to know what is underneath the ground prior to stump grinding and removal. 

We need to check the diameter of the stump that needs removed. The location of the stump and how accessible it is will be assessed. Followed by checking access points like gates, hills and ramps.

Iniitial pictures of stump(s) and yard layout and access points will help us determine the price.

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